welcome to Edubridge International School

Known to be one of the premium co-educational schools in South Mumbai, Edubridge uses some of the key best practices that quintessentially mark the standards of quality education in international schools. One of the chief goals is to turn pupils into world-class citizens who are enabled to display a wide set of strengths and skills and to recognize and appreciate a wide set of perspectives to real-life situations. We are focussed on providing holistic development that will bolster creativity and critical thinking and enable students to cope up with the skills and the mastery levels required for the 21st century while harnessing extremely positive social and emotional traits.


Why Edubridge School ?

Learn From Experts

Get the opportunity to learn with expert mentors who have years of experience in mentoring students from schools and colleges around the world. These expert faculties are an integral part of Edubridge.

Personality Development

At Edubridge International School, we teach more than knowledge and information. We also teach the skills, attitudes and positive behaviours that enable students to be successful at school and in life.

Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Edubridge International School uses a thoughtful implementation of educational technology. Our students develop the research and communication skills that enable them to learn anywhere and anytime. We also foster the intellectual curiosity that turns our students into lifelong learners.

Basic to Advanced

Our students learn the basics including numeracy, literacy and study skills. They also learn the creativity, critical thinking and conceptual understandings that are developed by the modern and research-based IB curriculum.

Why It Works

Edubridge International School will furnish for its students a world class education, thereby augmenting a process of a holistic learning and development curriculum that will inculcate in its students:

  • A Global perspective with a social conscience
  • The desire for identifying, ¬†pursuing and fulfilling individual dreams
  • A sense of ownership and responsibility for individual thoughts and actions.
  • An awareness of diversity and ¬†a sense of appreciation for a multicultural social environment
  • The need to chalk out goals and implement actions for making significant contributions to the global society.

Edubridge International School aims to set unparalleled standards of excellence within the learning environment by creating an environment that provides challenging opportunities for its students. Students will be able to share their experiences of a tremendous journey of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth.