Middle Years

Encourages students aged 11-16 to make a sustained inquiry into various disciplines.

The Middle Years Curriculum at Edubridge International School [EIS] successfully implements the framework set by the Middle Years Programme endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization [IBO]. The curriculum encourages students aged 11 to 16 to make a sustained inquiry into various disciplines and develop a conceptual understanding of the various global contexts, enabling them to gain insights into various aspects of the world around them. At EIS, we aim to create world class citizens who can critically think and resolve issues.

On the continuum of international education where learning is not a product but a process, the MYP curriculum at EIS broadens the conceptual foundation laid within the PYP curriculum and prepares students for the intellectual challenges and academic rigor of the DP curriculum. The chief aim of this program is to encourage students to seek knowledge, develop their skills for conceptual learning and inculcate best practices required for evolving into autonomous lifelong learners.

Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU)
In the MYP, interdisciplinary learning is the process by which students come to understand bodies of knowledge and modes of thinking from two or more disciplines and then integrate them to create a new understanding. Students demonstrate this by bringing together concepts, methods or forms of communication to explain a phenomenon, solve a problem, create a product or raise a new question in ways that would have been unlikely through a single discipline. The aims of interdisciplinary learning in the MYP are to develop a deeper understanding of learning skills and apply them in meaningful contexts and integrate conceptual learning among others.

Assessment in the MYP:

The MYP assessment criteria across subject groups can be summarized as follow

Language and Literature



Producing text

Using language

Language Acquisition

Comprehending spoken and visual text

Comprehending written and visual text


Using language

Individuals and Societies

Knowing and understanding



Thinking critically


Knowing and understanding

Inquiring and designing

Processing and evaluating

Reflecting on the impacts of Science


Knowing and understanding

Investigating patterns


Applying Mathematics in real life contexts


Inquiring and analysing

Developing ideas

Creating the solution



Knowing and understanding

Developing skills

Thinking creatively


Physical and Health Education

Knowing and understanding

Planning for performance

Applying and performing

Reflecting and improving performance


Subjects are marked according to the following scale


Very Good





Very Poor









At EIS, all subject groups must assess all strands of all four assessment criteria at least twice in each semester of the MYP to give a final overall grade in the subject. There is a requirement of at least one IDU Unit assessed per grade per year.

Approaches to Learning (ATL)
ATL is one of the key components in the MYP framework. The focus of ATL is to help students to develop an ability to “learn how to learn”. Teaching and learning of ATL skills is aimed at preparing students to work independently as well as collaboratively, and equipping them with a skill set that will prepare them for their adult lives. There are five ATL skills identified by IB program, and they are Social skills, Communication skills, Self Management skills, Research skills and Thinking skills. Our school has a systematic program to develop these skills along with the disciplinary curriculum.

Service in the MYP
Service is an essential component of the IB Middle Years Programme. It allows students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and connect with the community. It gives students the opportunity to contribute to the real world and empowers them to become global citizens. Service and Action is an integral component of Edubridge International School’s mission which helps in a holistic development of our students. At Edubridge, we have service activities in three tiers, namely-Whole school, Homeroom and Unit linked Service. Students through various activities meet the seven Learning Outcomes over a period of 5 years, across MY1- MY5 (Grade 6 to 10).

Personal Project
To show a culmination of the Middle Years' knowledge and skill set, MYP 5 (Grade 10) take on the Personal Project. They engage in a self-initiated learning process that allows them to work on their own preferred goals. This self directed project allows students to inculcate the habit of planning, organising an action plan, executing tasks and meet deadlines. Since our curriculum is more process-oriented, students evaluate themselves at the end, after the Personal Project Exhibition. A few examples of Personal Projects include organizing a sports tournament, writing a novel or an anthology of poems/ short stories, directing and producing films, building prototypes of cars, sustainable products, or even creating organic greenhouses, vertical gardens, etc.

MYP Results

Middle Years Programme Authorisation Certificate by IB

Approaches-to-Learning Student handbook

Personal Project Student Guide

Service Handbook

MYP Course-outlines

Interdisciplinary Learning

Global Context 

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