Middle Years

Encourages students aged 11-16 to make a sustained inquiry into various disciplines.

The Middle Years Curriculum at Edubridge International School [EIS] successfully implements the framework set by the Middle Years Programme endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization [IBO]. The curriculum encourages students aged 11 to 16 to make a sustained inquiry into various disciplines and develop a conceptual understanding of the various global contexts, enabling them to gain insights into various aspects of the world around them. At EIS, we aim to create world class citizens who can critically think and resolve issues.

On the continuum of international education where learning is not a product but a process, the MYP curriculum at EIS broadens the conceptual foundation laid within the PYP curriculum and prepares students for the intellectual challenges and academic rigor of the DP curriculum. The chief aim of this program is to encourage students to seek knowledge, develop their skills for conceptual learning and inculcate best practices required for evolving into autonomous lifelong learners.

The Middle Years Curriculum culminates at the end of grade 10 after students have successfully carried out a Personal Project. Although guided by supervisors, students are encouraged to engage in a self-initiated and a self-directed learning process by allowing them to work on their own preferred themes or subjects. The aim of the projects is to allow them to engage in and inculcate the habit of planning, organising, executing tasks and meet delivery-deadlines. Since our curriculum is more process-oriented than product-oriented, the outcome of the project is supplemented by a reflective process that students undergo to evaluate themselves in terms of how they could have done better for themselves. A few examples of Personal Projects include organizing intramural sports tournaments, writing a short story, directing and producing films, building prototypes of cars and other automobiles, or even creating organic greenhouses.

Middle Years Programme Authorisation Certificate by IB

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